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OUR CORPORATE QUALITY POLICY                                        

UNIVERSAL SURVEY SERVICES is dedicated to Quality as well as Safety in all our operations. We ensure that our services are of
a uniform and consistent level, meeting the agreed requirements of all our clients, in national and international standards.

We believe in the concept of Total Quality, the satisfaction of clients, partners and employees working together to pursue the policy,
and the continuous process of quality improvement. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure compliance with the
requirements of our corporate quality policy.

The Total Quality Management System is a permanent feature of the company’s Standard Operational Procedures, and all
personnel, being aware of their responsibility, maintain and act in line with the policy and the derivative quality documented system
all the company’s operations.

Our Corporate Quality Policy Management System is proactive, therefore we preemptively resolve quality issues before they
become a problem to the company and clients.

We believe in personal development and continually improving our capabilities at individual and corporate levels, therefore the
company provides training to all employees so that they can perform their individual Quality responsibilities to their fullest potential.

Quality is a continuous improvement process and each and every employee is encouraged to actively participate in this process
through highly effective communication systems.

Effective control mechanisms, including audits and reviews are established to objectively evaluate the adequacy of the company
Quality system and its implementation through all Company’s activities.

All employees of the Company carry the responsibility for this commitment to Quality and each and every employee is expected to
show dedication to the achievement of this.


At UNIVERSAL SURVEY SERVICES we have streamlined our CASHES policy for effectiveness in protecting workers health and
environment as well as maintaining the best community relations with the host communities where we operate.

In pursuing this objective, Universal Survey Services is committed to avoiding work injury , and the preservation of the Health, Safety,
Security of, its employees, sub-contractors, community people and any other persons who may at any time be involved in or affected
by its activities. Our mode of operation ensures optimum protection to the environment as well. We therefore see to it that;

•        CASHES is an integral part of the Company operations and responsibility. Therefore Staff and Managerial performance are
appraised with CASHES as one of the parameters of assessment.

•        The CASHES policy is applicable to all employees; client representatives, subcontractors, suppliers and any third parties
involved in the Company operations. Compliance with the CASHES Policy is a condition of employment/promotion and the
responsibility of each employee.

•        The CASHES policy addresses every aspect of the Health and safe work procedures for all staff. Respect for the Environment
in the execution of safe and efficient operations is mandatory for all employees, client representatives, subcontractors, suppliers, and
other stakeholders.

•        All employees are trained continually to improve on safe work procedures, protection of the environment, and public relations.

•        The Company CASHES policy is built on a "No blame" culture. We are more concerned with recognizing and minimizing risks
and hazards than looking for scapegoats and culprits.

•        If noticing an unsafe act, situation or hazard an individual is expected to rectify the situation, report accordingly or if appropriate
STOP the operation.

Every employee of Universal Services carries this responsibility for the Company's commitment to Health, Safety, Security and the
Environment and is expected to show dedication to it.
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