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Universal Survey Services provides a wide range of specialized technical services to the Oil Industry,Government and other
corporate bodies. All our services are available either at the Company’s offices or can be provided at our Client’s sites on a
short or long-term basis.

Our services includes, but are not limited to:

Geodetic, Topographical and Cadastral Surveys

Topographic and cadastral surveys, used for construction; oil, gas, and mineral exploration and production; natural
resources management and land use planning. Also involves 3D elevation surveys for a wide range of applications.

Pre- and Post Construction Surveys

As-built surveys to compare construction of structures with their original engineering design dimensions several times
throughout the project and at the end of the project. Boundary, site layout, and as-built surveys in support of construction

Engineering Surveys & Services

Boundary and site layout surveys for mine development. Collection, processing and interpretation of geological and
geophysical data, to determine the presence of oil, gas and minerals. Topographic, settlement monitoring, site layout, and
highway/bridge construction surveys
Oil Field Surveys-Preliminary Investigation, Full Preparation and As-Built Surveys of Pipelines, and other
Oil Facilities.

Topographic and longitudinal profile surveys for pipeline construction lifecycle and 3D modeling of installations. As-built
surveys to compare pipeline design and construction.

Digital Mapping and GIS support services with the aid of our Computer based systems and On-line
precision plotters.

Creation of customized, high resolution digital maps from satellite imagery. Using a combination of airborne photogrammetric
cameras, space satellites and state-of-the-art image processing software, we deliver high quality vector digital maps for a
wide range of applications, including GIS and  GPS tracking.

Equipment sales, Leasing and Maintenance
Universal Survey Services is the sole representative of KOLIDA Instruments Company Ltd, China. We dealers in all kinds of
surveying instruments and their accessories. We also lease and handle maintenance surveying instruments, to our
customers. We offer user training for our new instruments to customers at our offices or at customer’s facility.

We also offer Hi-tech services such as:

- Geophysical and Geotechnical Survey Services

- Resistivity Surveys & Cathodic Design

- Personnel Supplies / Body Shop / Birddoging services

- Bathymetric Surveys / Geotechnical Surveys

- Primary positioning using DGPS for Navigation, Off-shore Rigs and Construction of Barges

- Digital Mapping and GIS support services with the aid of our Computer based systems and On-line precision plotters.

- Establishment and Densification of Geodetic Control Network using GPS approach.

- Quality Control and Assurance in Marine Surveys and Positioning.

- Bird-dogging for Marine Navigation and Positioning, Seismic etc.

- GPS Applications in Environmental Impact Assessment using the Kinematic and Fast Static Approach.
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